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Does a Hair Straightener Hurt Your Hair?


Straightener, as its name implies, is a hairdressing tool for straightening hair. In fact, otherwise, in addition to straightening curly hair, you can also create creative curly hairstyles. Straightener is a must-have for girls Hair care tools, but many users are asking whether the hair straightener hurts hair? In fact, there will be a little more or less damage. Now, let's see with the New Style Hair Straightener Supplier that the hair straightener does not hurt the hair and the magic of the hair straightener.

Hair straighteners, such as hair straighteners, require certain damage to the hair, because the temperature of the plywood surface of a heated hair straightener is generally around 200 ° C. The hair is straightened or curled by the heat. High temperature and stretch stimuli will lead to the loss of keratin, the main component of hair, and eventually cause the hair cortex to break, making the hair dry, easy to fall off, and inelastic.

So how to use the hair straightener so as not to hurt the hair?

First, shampoo

Straighteners work best on washed hair. We recommend that you wash your hair as follows:

1. Rinse the hair for 30 ~ 60 seconds when washing it, so that the hair is fully wet.

2. Pour an appropriate amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand, rub it away with your hands, and spread it evenly on your hair.

3. Gently massage the hair and scalp, do not use too much force, or pull the hair onto the scalp, otherwise it is easy to knot.

4. Massage the scalp with your fingertips, which can stimulate blood circulation and make the hair surface softer.

5. Rinse the hair thoroughly. Insufficient washing will cause the hair to be dull and dull. Finally, rinse with cold water to make the hair more beautiful.

Second, blow dry

In order to get a super smooth effect, you must be prepared to straighten your hair, and use High Quality Hair Dryer to properly dry your hair to ensure a professional and smooth effect.

1. After washing the hair, squeeze out the excess water in the hair with your hands, then dry the hair with a towel, and gently comb the hair from the root to the tip with a comb.

2. Behind the back of the head, begin to use a clip to divide the hair into several strands.

3. For each lock of hair, use a straight hair brush to pull down the hair. At the same time, use a hair dryer to follow the hair brush to dry the hair. When using the hair dryer, point its nozzle at the hair end.

4. After drying each frizzy hair, adjust the hair dryer to the cold wind setting, and perform the final cold blowing, which can tighten the skin and make the hair more shiny.

Third, straighten with a hair straightener

Professional Hair Straightener is a powerful styling tool and should be used with care.

In order to achieve the effect of professional hair straighteners, its working temperature is high, so do not use the hair straightener frequently, so as not to damage the hair. If you use the hair straightener improperly, it may cause the hair to overheat or even burn out hair.

Professional Hair Straightener

Professional Hair Straightener

Fourth, the specific operation

1. Insert the power plug into a power outlet.

2. Click on the hair straightener and press the button. The hair straightener LED indicator lights up and changes the temperature number quickly, indicating that the work of the hair straightener has started.

3. Please do not ignore the product after it is connected to the power, and do not allow it to be placed on a non-adiabatic surface. When the displayed value is stable, you can start straight hair operation.

4. Comb the hair to make it smooth and free of tangles. Use a comb to divide the hair into a lot of hair. One hair should not be too much. It is best to pull up the hair first to straighten the lower hair first, then straighten the hair at the top.

5. Pick up a bundle of hair not exceeding 5 cm in width, clamp it in the middle of the splint and press the product handle tightly.

6. Slide the hair straightener from the root to the end of the hair within a few seconds. Don't pause in the middle, and glide evenly to avoid overheating and damaging the hair. Repeat after 20 seconds until you have the ideal flowing hairstyle.

7. Let the hair cool down slowly, please do not comb before the hair is not completely cooled down, otherwise it will destroy the just-shaped hairstyle.

The above is about the hair straightener that does not hurt the hair.