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Does a Curler Hurt My Hair?


The curling iron is a daily practical product for many women, which unknowingly brings irreparable damage to the hair. Curlers are hotter than expected, so if used incorrectly, the damage to your hair will worsen. Therefore, here Hair Crimpers Supplier will introduce the basic method of minimizing hair damage for women who like curls. Let’s take a look.

First, does a curler hurt your hair?

Everyone knows that the reason why the curler can curl the hair is that the hair is instantly shaped through high temperature, and there is damage to the hair. If the user's technology and the quality of the curler are very good, the damage will be small, so if you use the curler to curl your own hair, you must buy high-quality products, otherwise it will cause great damage to the hair, and a good curler will damage the hair Fewer and safer to use.

If you have a good curler, you need to learn how to use it.

Step one: The curler should be preheated according to your hair quality. Some curlers have more functions. If the temperature is too high, they will no longer be heated. This can reduce the damage to the hair. If your hair is relatively soft, it is more suitable to control the temperature at about 180 degrees. Thick hair can be as high as 20 Degrees around.

Step 2: After the curler is heated, curl the hair with the curler according to the radian you want to curl. Some curlers can be set with different curls. After being skilled in operation, you can create curls at will.

Step 3: When curling, it usually stays for about 5 seconds. Hair damage if left for a long time.

The way to make your own curls is simple, as long as you use the curler correctly, it won't hurt your hair.

Second, 6 taboos to use Hair Crimpers

Hair Crimpers

Hair Crimpers

1.Use curlers when your hair is wet

If you use a curler while your hair is wet, there is no way to make it properly. Not only that, some of the necessary moisture required for the hair will be scattered away, so it is best to use High Quality Hair Dryer to dry the hair before using the curler.

2.No plasticizer

The plasticizer used in curling can protect the hair from high temperature and make the curl last.

3. The curling device is overheated

If the curler without the temperature adjustment function is overheated, the temperature may reach a high temperature of about 160 to 180 degrees. This temperature is the same as fried sweet and not spicy, very high temperature. If you choose a curler that can adjust the temperature, try to adjust it at about 145 degrees. If you can't do it, you must pay attention not to be too hot!

4.Let the curler touch the hair for a long time

Immediate contact with hot objects can cause immediate injury. It is usually best to remove the curler every 3 to 5 seconds.

5.Curl up until the end of the hair

The end of the hair is also easy to be injured, so starting from the middle of the hair, there is a way to curl out without making a real natural radian!

6. Do nothing but dry your hair before going to bed

After washing your hair and drying it, don't forget to apply hair oil or some conditioner that does not need to be rinsed. Giving your hair a complete nutritional supplement during sleep is also a way to reduce damage!

The above are some of the taboos of using curlers. I hope everyone can harvest beautiful hairstyles.