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How to Use Hair Straightener to Make Curls?


A puffy curly hair definitely makes you stand out from the crowd, but do you know how to make a concave shape yourself? Actually, this is not difficult. First, you need to prepare a hair straightener, and then straighten your hair. Then use a hair straightener to clamp 2/3 of the hair. Roll the hair straight in until it curls around the hair straightener. Wait a few seconds. Then continue to curl the hair straight in and pull the hair down. The hair straightener pinches the hair ends, turn the hair straightener to the end of the hair to loosen the hair straightener, and curl your hair inward with your hands. Repeat this many times, and you will have a curl! Let the Electric Hair Dryer Supplier introduce it in detail.

How to iron out curls with a hair straightener

1. First of all, you have to have a good hair straightener, the temperature must be high enough. Now there are many small hair straighteners that are very portable, but the temperature is not enough, and the desired effect cannot be achieved at all.

2. Straighten the top of the hair first. This step must be done first. If you finally straighten the top, the volume under the hair will be disrupted and appear rough.

3. Clamp 2/3 of the hair with a hair straightener, roll the hair straightener in, and roll it until the hair can circle the hair straightener, wait for three or four seconds, and then continue to curl the hair straightener inward, Pull down the hair, the hair straightener clamped the hair ends, turn the hair straightener to the end of the hair to loosen the hair straightener, curl your hair inward with your hands.

4. Note: Don't pinch too much hair at one time, because the hair is unevenly heated, it will spread out in a while. Every time the thick hair of the little finger is enough, pull the hair down and tilt it.

5. After ironing all your heads, if you are not in a hurry to go out, twist your hair along the direction of the curl, and use the clips to open it when you go out, the effect is better.

Electric Hair Straightener

Electric Hair Straightener

Tutorial of Electric Hair Straightener

Small wave roll

1. Divide the hair into two parts, each part into two strands.

2. Rotate the two strands of hair into small braids, and then twist them together. (The amount of hair is divided into four parts as appropriate)

3. Rotate to the end of the hair to fix it. Note that the hair cannot be loosened here.

4. Then use a hair straightener to clip from top to bottom, about 2-4 cm for each clip, and hold it for 5 seconds each time. If the hair is thick and the braid is thick, repeat it several times. Be careful not to clip it for too long at one time, and it is easy to break hair.

5. And then loosen the hair from top to bottom, not too hard, so as not to straighten the hair.

6. Finally, spray the setting spray. Grasp it from the bottom to the top to maintain the curl and fluffy feeling.

Amorous feelings

1. Clip the bangs with a hair straightener slightly, and let the bangs and the curly hair next to each other form an S line.

2. Take a small bundle of hair from the cheekbones and turn it inward with a hair clip 180 ° and clamp it to the end of the hair. At this time, three S curls will be formed. If the arc is not enough, you can repeat it several times.

3. Repeat the previous step to curl the hair. Although it still looks stiff now, don't worry, use a hair straightener to pinch the top two rolls a little, so that the middle roll is not so curved, but be careful not to pinch the tail.

4. Next, drag the inner layer of hair twice with a straightener, and roll a simple inner buckle at the end of the hair.

5. Finally, the upper layer of hair is curled up to the front, roll up the area with insufficient curl, and roll up the other side, and you're done. Note that the direction of the other roll is the same, roll in 180 ° toward your chest.

Finally, if you are bothersome, you can use Hair Crimpers directly.