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Do You Know How To Use The Hair Straightener And Precautions?


The household Beauty Hair Straightener is a kind of low-cost and easy-to-use small household appliances commonly used in hairdressing. Using a hair styling tool like a hair straightener to straighten your hair is a very convenient thing, saves you the trouble of running a barbershop, and is also the first choice for many girls. To use the hair straightener, you must first use the instruction manual of the hair straightener, let the heating plate warm-up, comb the hair that needs to be treated, and do not touch the heating plate with your hands. Usage and precautions. The following New Style Hair Straightener Supplier explain to us how to use hair straighteners and precautions.

How to use an Electric Hair Straightener?

1. Read the instruction manual of the hair straightener in detail;

2. First wash your hair, whether you use conditioner or not;

3. Dry the hair in the shade or blow it with an electric hairdryer;

4. Connect the hair straightener to the power supply and let the heating plate warm-up for a few minutes;

5. Combing and smoothing the hair that needs to be treated in sections;

6. Use a hair straightener to clamp the hair and slowly pull it from the root to the top;

7. Finish the hair layer by layer according to steps 5 and 6;

8. Disconnect the power and cool the hair straightener after the hair is processed.

New 2N1 Hair Straightener

How to do curly hair for electric splint

The first step is to prepare an electric splint.

The second step is to wash your hair clean and blow-dry with an electric hair dryer, but be careful not to blow dry completely, just blow it up to 7/8 minutes.

The third step is to divide the hair into two parts, separate them with clips, take out a bundle of hair from the right side, clamp it with an electric splint, pull it to the end of the hair, clamp it firmly, and wind this bundle of hair in the same direction On the splint, just stay for about 10 seconds, and follow the steps above for the rest of your hair.

The fourth step is to sort out all the curled hair by hand.

Notes on using hair straighteners

1. Straighteners are high-temperature electrical appliances, do not touch the heating plate with your hands;

2. Use the front waist of the hair straightener to make sure the hair is dry;

3. When using it, pay attention to keep the hair straightener moving, and don't stay on the hair;

4. The amount of hair held each time should not be too much or too thick, otherwise, the effect of straight hair will not be good;

5. After each use, wait until the temperature of the hair straightener drops to room temperature before storing it.