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Proper Use Of Hair Dryer


1. Three-stage hair dryer should be selected

After shampooing, first use a dry towel to absorb the moisture on the hair, and it will not drip before using the hair dryer. Otherwise, excessive moisture will make the hair dryer work for too long, and the hair will naturally dry up if it continues to be heated. Choose a three-stage (low, medium and high temperature) hair dryer, the wattage should not be too high, and it is best to select the warm blow hair first, and then change the low temperature blow hair after the hair root is dried.

2. Isolate the hair

Blow your hair often and take adequate protective measures to minimize damage. Before using a hair dryer, you can apply heat-insulating products to the hair to isolate the overheated temperature before the hair to prevent damage to the hair protein and cause the hair to break at high temperatures.

3. Pay attention to the maintenance of scalp hair and reduce damage

Keeping the above method in mind when using a wired hair dryer will save our hair a lot of damage, but it is not as good as a cure for the symptoms. We work hard to master the correct method of using the hair dryer, the purpose is to make the hair look more moist and smooth, reduce hair moisture and Nutritional loss. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of scalp hair in life. Silicone-free shampoo is positioned in the high-end care market, and is tailor-made for the fashionable women who are 25 to 35 years old who pursue health and beauty. Silicone-free oil-free moisturizing nourishing shampoo, replenish moisture and nutrition to the scalp hair from the source, effectively improve the condition of long hair frizz, dryness and lack of water.

Nano Ionic blow dryer professional use low noise hair dryer
Nano Ionic blow dryer professional use low noise hair dryer

4. Blow hair is to divide the hair into sections to make it easier to dry

If the hair is thicker and thicker, you can blow it part by part, first tie the upper layer of hair to the top of the head, and dry the lower layer of hair. Then, after releasing the wetness from the top of your head, blow dry in turn, otherwise the hair on the surface may have been dried, but the roots inside are still very moist.

5. Keep the tuyere and scalp at a good distance and keep moving

The air outlet should be kept at 10-20 cm away from the hair to avoid touching it. Too close will cause heat damage to the hair. It is best not to blow the hair around the air outlet with your hand to avoid burns or excessive electromagnetic waves. A common mistake made by many people is that the hair dryer is stationary when blowing an area, so that heat is concentrated in one area and it is easy to cause hair damage. So at the beginning the hair dryer starts from the top of the head, one hand flicks the hair away, the other hand moves the hair dryer.

6. The angle you should choose when blowing your hair

Use the technique of full mouth air supply for long hair, and the technique of half mouth air supply for short hair or near the root of the hair. When blowing hair, keep the air outlet at a distance of about 10 cm from the hair, and use your fingers to smooth the hair while blowing. Be careful not to let the hot air stay on the hair of a part for too long; again, the scales of wet hair are open Yes, blowing in the direction of hair growth will close the hair scales, if blowing backwards will make the hair scales open, the more frizzy the more. However, it should be noted that you should never blow the hair tips first. The water penetrated by the hair roots will make you useless. Dry the hair roots first, then blow the hair tips, or let the hair tips dry naturally to reduce the damage of the hair dryer. To the lowest.

7. Small damage to hair

After shampooing, don't blow dry your hair completely, blow your hair to eighth dry, then let it dry naturally. If the hair is kept wet, it may breed bacteria and cause hair sensitivity, especially after perming and dyeing, or sofa-type hair. If you do not blow dry your hair, the hair strands are more likely to entangle.

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