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How To Create A Good-Looking Hairstyle With A Curling Iron?


I believe that many girls have Hair Crimpers at home, but they don't know how to use them to curl up beautiful hairstyles. The following Hair Crimpers Suppliers have sorted out several common curling methods for everyone, hurry up and learn!

Ordinary vertical scroll. Put the middle part of the hair between the clip and the curling iron, wrap the end of the hair around the curling iron, then clamp it, and then turn the curling iron in the direction to wrap the hair from the middle to the root part on the outside of the curling iron. This kind of curly hair is best to master.

New Arrival Professional Hair Curler
New Arrival Professional Hair Curler

Ordinary horizontal scroll. Use a New Style Hair Curler iron to clamp the end of the hair horizontally, and then roll it up horizontally. This kind of curling has a large arc, but the durability is not high.

Water ripple rolls. Using an electric rod to clip the hair up from the end of the hair will show a unique water ripple effect, which is very light overall.

Instant noodle rolls. The curl is larger than the water ripple. Use a three-stage splint to clip the hair from top to bottom to the end of the hair at a time. You can clip the hair up and down in layers, and the hair volume will look more generous. The effects of different gestures are also very different. The point is that you usually need to practice more, and practice makes perfect to create a better look.