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Tips For Blowing Hair With A Hairdryer


Electric Hair Dryer Supplier and users take a look at the tips of hair blowing with Anion Hair Dryers:

1. Hair is too wet

In fact, before using the Safety Hair Dryer, we should first dry with a towel or dry 80% of the moisture first to avoid wet hair. This reduces heat exposure and prevents hair loss.

2. No heat protection agent

This is another common way of blowing hair that most women make. No heat protection agent will cause irreversible damage to the scalp and scalp before drying the hair. To prevent damage to the hair, it is essential to use hair care products suitable for our hair type.

3. Wrong blowing direction

Blowing hair in the wrong direction is another mistake of most women, and this will cause our hair to become curly and appear rough. To ensure maximum smoothness, we should blow dry the hair end down. If you want to dry the roots of your hair, you might as well try to blow dry our hair in the opposite direction.

Blow Dryer
Blow Dryer

4. The temperature of the hair dryer is wrong

All hair dryers have 3 different temperature settings, namely cold air, low temperature and high temperature. For sparse hair, the hair dryer should be adjusted to a low temperature to blow the hair, and thick hair should be set with high temperature, otherwise it will cause higher heat exposure, which will cause damage to our hair follicles.

5. Hair is not layered

A more common mistake most girls make when drying their hair is that they do not layer it. Failure to do so will cause the hair to fly apart and make the hair appear rough and difficult to control. I can layer my hair with clips and blow dry in order to get the maximum smoothness, and the planned blow drying will greatly improve the efficiency.

6. No comb

It may be a little time-consuming to use a comb when blow drying, but it can help avoid hair kinks and make the hair smooth and easy to comb. So please start now and don't let this wrong way of blowing hair continue, it will help your house hair knot become curled.