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Is It Feasible to Replace Plastic Straws With Stainless Steel straws?


Environmental awareness is on the rise. In order to reduce the exposure of plasticizers, mothers have abandoned plastic straws and bought stainless steel straws for their families. However, recently in Starbucks in the United States and Canada, there have been several accidental injuries to children and large-scale recycling of Stainless Steel Straws. What are the hazards of plastic straws? What are the doubts about using stainless steel straws?

Plastic straws cause serious harm to humans

In order to expand the plastic restriction policy, the EPA will completely ban plastic straws in 2030. What are the hazards of plastic straws and plastic cups to the environment and human health? Suppliers of stainless steel straws discuss the crux of the problem from the following aspects:

Plastic is difficult to decompose, seriously harming marine life

Plastic is not easy to decompose in nature, but under the influence of external force, it will gradually break into fragments. Once it enters the river or ocean, and then enters the liver of living things, it will cause damage to the organs because it cannot be digested.

Stainless Steel Straws
Stainless Steel Straws

Colorful, heavy metals can hurt you easily

In addition, plastic straws have many colors. If it is yellow pigment, heavy metal cadmium or fixative is often used, while red straws contain lead. These heavy metals are very harmful to children. Studies have found that using a straw to drink acidic juices such as apple juice or orange juice, and then put the juice into the mouth through the straw, this process is enough to allow excessive amounts of heavy metals in the juice to enter the body, which brings great risks and harms .

In order to reduce the use of plastic straws, there are various reusable straws on the market, including stainless steel and glass straws. Are these straws really environmentally friendly? Some people think that stainless steel straws may emit more carbon in the process than plastic straws. Is that true? Stainless Steel Straws Supplier stated that the benefits of stainless steel straws include:

1. All materials are recyclable, and there is no waste of resources.

2. It is not like a plastic straw that is thrown into the ocean or organisms, and then eaten into the human body will cause harm.

3. It can be used repeatedly and will not produce garbage.

4. Both ends are round and thick, and the stainless steel straw can be used safely

Therefore, we should develop in this direction and replace plastic straws with stainless steel straws.

There are also some people who worry that stainless steel straws emit more carbon than plastic straws in the manufacturing process. Stainless steel straw suppliers point out that stainless steel straws are repeatedly used a lot, and it may not be a problem to use them for decades. In contrast, they can be reused. The Reusable Stainless Steel Straws must cause much less pollution than plastic straws.