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How To Buy a Hair Dryer? What To Pay Attention To When Buying a Hair Dryer


Hair dryers can now be said to be an electrical appliance that everyone can use. Hair dryers can make our wet hair dry faster, prevent colds, and make us look more energetic. So there are so many types of hair dryers, how should we choose? Next, Professional Hair Dryer Suppliers will introduce how to choose a hair dryer and the things that need to be paid attention to when choosing a hair dryer.

Everyone loves beauty, and everyone wants to be able to appear brightly in front of others, so hair dryers have gradually become a must-have electrical appliance for people. Every time you take a shower or wash your hair, you can use a hair dryer to dry your hair quickly, and you can also use a hair dryer to tidy up your hair every day before going out. There are many types of hair dryers on the market today, how should we choose? What should we pay attention to when choosing a hair dryer? Here we take a look.

Professional Hair Dryer
Professional Hair Dryer

How to choose a hair dryer:

1. The selection should be based on the method of blowing. Assuming that consumers request low noise, they should buy an induction hair dryer. If you often use it on business trips, you should choose an Ion Hair Dryer that is small in size, light in weight, and safe to use.

2. The selection should be based on the safety structure of the hair dryer. Since the hair dryer is in direct contact with the human body, for safety, you should purchase Class II appliances with two layers of insulation or reinforced insulation, that is, a hair dryer similar to the symbol of "hui".

3. The selection should be based on the function and power of the hair dryer. In this respect, you can pay attention to the following three questions. As a home, there are two levels of cold and hot; it is better to have a duckbill hood; the power is more than 750W.

4. Choose according to the quality of the hair dryer. The hair dryer should have no abnormal sound and odor, and the noise should be low; when operating at full speed, there should be no significant vibration in the hand induction; there should be overheating maintenance equipment; for the speed-regulating hair dryer, the temperature and wind speed of each gear should have significant changes.

5. When purchasing, pay attention to the extra voltage value of the hair dryer indicated on the product nameplate or the application manual. Domestic hair dryers generally use 220 volts, but some imported hair dryers use 110 volts, which requires special attention.

Hair dryer purchase items:

1. Some small workshops in cities and towns randomly start to produce hair dryers, which are inferior in quality and have many counterfeit goods. To buy products from authentic manufacturers and good promises. Do not buy products without factory address, factory name, trademark or brand to avoid being deceived.

2. The power of Professional Hair Dryers currently on the market is generally 300 to 1200 watts. It is better to choose 600 to 800 watts for household hair dryers, which are safer. The power is too high, the household electric meter may not be able to bear it.

3. The overall plan of the air blower is sensitive and easy to control in your hand, not too heavy. Pay attention to the quality of the shell when purchasing. Don't purchase products with rough shell quality, uneven coating and rust spots. Metal and plastic connected shell, do not purchase if the interface is loose.

4. You need to test the wind force when purchasing, that is, the hair dryer is about 20cm away from the palm of your hand, and if the hair dryer is above 1200W, it will be slowly heated in about 30 seconds, but the temperature is generally below 45 degrees to be safe. After powering on, press the vent on the tail of the hair dryer for about two minutes to see if the sound is slack, and the quality is not slack.