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Reasonable Use And Maintenance of Professional Hair Clippers


Many users do not know how to maintain or adjust hair clippers. Today, the Hair Clipper Supplier will tell you how to maintain and debug hair clippers!

(1) When the hair clipper emits a lot of vibration and noise, loosen the ingot-shaped screw or the cross screw to eliminate the fault. In addition, you need to check the tightness of the pressure blade screw. If the screw is too loose, vibration and noise are likely to occur, and the hair cannot be cut; if the screw is too tight, it is not easy to vibrate. If the screw is properly tightened, the wire clipper will return to normal.

When the Professional Hair Clipper emits large vibration and noise, check whether the power is sufficient, whether the cutter head is installed or try fine-tuning, etc. Proper adjustment can reduce vibration and noise.

Professional Hair Clipper
Professional Hair Clipper

(2) The time of each use should not be too long, and the amount of hair should not be too large when using, so as not to push it. When the temperature of the blade or cutter head is too high, stop using it. It is normal for the blade temperature to become higher. The number of haircuts, intervals, and use time will affect the temperature of the blade or cutter head.

(3) Always add oil to the blade or head of the hair clipper, otherwise the upper and lower blades will be easily heated or damaged after a long time! Adding oil can not only lubricate and cool down, but also delay the damage of electric scissors or blades!

(4) Before the new battery leaves the factory, there is only one-third of the remaining power. The first 3-5 charging is generally called the adjustment period. It should be charged for more than 8 hours to ensure full activation of the lithium ion activity. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but are very inert. They should be fully activated to ensure the best performance for future use. Activate the battery cycle

The blade of the Hair Clipper and the battery are consumables. Many people are easily damaged if they are not maintained. Especially the battery. The battery must be fully charged at the first charge to reach saturation; when it is necessary to charge, it must be returned Charge it when there is a little electricity, if you wait until there is no electricity, it will easily cause the battery to be damaged; in addition, if it is not used for a long time, the battery life will be reduced by half, please pay attention!

(5) The blade is easy to be unsharp, so how can I use it longer? After each use, use a cleaning brush to clean the hair on the hair clipper, oil it, and put it in a cover, so that the blade will be like a kitchen knife, the more you use it, the sharper it becomes.