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Maintenance and Precautions of Hair Clipper


Hair clipper maintenance

1. Maintenance of the knife head: The Professional Hair Clippers for children used at home are basically waterproof. After finishing the hair for the baby, remove the knife head, use the small brush that comes with the machine to clean the dandruff along the direction of the knife edge, and then clean the knife head with water. After cleaning, be sure to wipe it dry to prevent rust. After the cutter head is completely dry, put a few drops of lubricant on the blade. Remember to replace the cutter head regularly.

2. Maintenance of the fuselage: Use a small brush to clean the broken hairs on the motor head of the fuselage. Do not flush the motor head with water to prevent water from entering the fuselage. Do not use acidic substances to clean the body, it is best to wipe the body with a neutral lotion.

3. Battery maintenance: In order to maintain the service life of the battery, it is best to fully charge it and then put it away after use. Under normal use, it should be cleaned and recharged at intervals. Recharge once a period of time.

Professional Hair Clippers
Professional Hair Clippers

How to buy

1. Brand is on the one hand, it is more important to choose hair clippers with various certification qualifications, such as national 3C compulsory certification, appearance patents, various safety testing certifications, which are the guarantee of safety and quality.

2. Pay attention to the appearance of the baby's hair clipper, the bright color, which makes the baby love it, many babies like to care for their hair, and they hide their hair as soon as they cut their hair. Choose a baby hair clipper he likes and let her For those who fall in love with haircuts, mothers no longer need to worry about their babies not having a haircut, and they also reduce the risk of getting germs in the barbershop.

3. The mute effect should be prominent, because generally haircuts for babies, if the sound is too noisy, it is easy to make babies fear; so it is best to adapt to the haircut after the baby sleeps, so the hair clipper must be silent.

4. If the knife head is of the kind of stainless steel, it is not good, but ceramics will work! Stainless steel knife heads will affect the rotation of the knife head due to rust for a long time, and it will easily hurt the baby, so it is best to choose ceramics The cutter head, although it is fragile, it is cost-effective, has a longer service life, and has a sharper cutting force to avoid pinching the baby's hair.


Don’t choose the kind of battery. If you accidentally forget to take the battery out, it will be discarded if it is not used for a long time. The battery is a waste of money. The most important thing is convenience, so it’s best to choose the kind The rechargeable baby hair clipper is better, so you don’t have to worry about battery problems every day, and it is very comfortable to use.

1. Before each use of the baby hair clipper, check the integrity of the blade of the baby hair clipper. If the blade is damaged, it may cut the skin;

2. If you use the Electric Hair Clipper for too long, the main body and the blade may get hot. At this time, it is recommended that you shut down for 5 to 10 minutes to prevent the baby from being uncomfortable due to overheating;

3. Remember to disconnect the power after each use;

4. Dry hair is easier to trim than wet hair;

5. Do not put the baby hair clipper in the water or trim the hair that is too moist, otherwise it will easily cause circuit failure;

6. After failure, it is strictly prohibited to disassemble, repair or modify the hair clipper without authorization;

7. When trimming the sideburns, ears, etc., don't use too much force and don't get too close to the skin

8. Baby hair clippers are specially designed for babies' haircuts. Do not use them to repair pets' hair;

9. Remember to clean the hair on the electric hair clipper after disconnecting the power

10. Put the baby hair clipper out of the reach of infants and young children

If you have more questions, you want to consult or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Professional Hair Clipper Supplier