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Knowledge of Curlers


The delicate girls who are at the forefront of fashion must have more than just curly hair or straight hair. Changing the hairstyle from time to time can create a suitable shape. Frequently, perm can cause more damage to the hair. I choose to use a curler, which can turn straight hair into curly hair or straighten it. The Hair Crimpers Supplier will introduce the types of curlers and their related knowledge in detail.

The curler is a hairdressing DIY tool. At present, hairdressers in hair salons and hair salons use a set of curler tools. The curling iron is divided into several parts, such as a heating element, a handle, a power cord, and a temperature control system.

Types of curlers:

1.Ceramic curler

The ceramic curler is different from other cheaper iron styles. Its heated panel has a ceramic-treated matte material, which is uniformly heated and has an even curl. The temperature can also be controlled at a certain point to create elasticity and The shape of the curl is relatively average, avoiding the lack of uneven hot spots caused by the continuous heating of the hot surface heating plate, which makes it difficult to grasp the scroll force.

2.Negative ion curler

The negative ion curler can be said to be an evolution of the ceramic curler. It is coated on the ceramic panel to radiate negative ions that protect the hair during the heating process, so as to increase the humidity and brightness of the hair. Because of the remarkable hair-care effect of anion curlers, it has become a must-have curler for modern women.

3.Steam Curler

The steam curler emits iron-like steam during use. Since the disulfide bond will be half-opened when the hair is wet, the disulfide bond will affect the elasticity, shape and flow direction of the hair. Therefore, the role of the steam curler is to make the shape faster and longer after emitting a proper amount of steam.

How to use Hair Crimpers:

1. Hair care.

If you use an electric volume stick just after washing your hair, first apply the hair evenly with the repair essence, the amount should be less and not more, supplement the hair with nourishment, and then use the rinse-free conditioner, and evenly apply a small amount to the end , Can prevent heat damage and make the hair supple and not rough, and increase hair shine.

Hair Crimpers

Hair Crimpers

2. Hair division.

Many people don't know how to curl the back hair. Partitioning the hair can help curl the back hair. First face the mirror, use a comb to straighten your hair, divide it into two parts, the first half is to tie or clip the hair before the left and right ears respectively; the second part of the hair is first divided into two layers, and then divided into Second, this is divided into six areas, and people with more hair or more layers can be divided into several layers.

3. Curly hair.

Allow the curler to warm up for 1 minute. One strand of hair is drawn out with one hand, and the other end of the curler is pulled away to clamp the end of the hair. Roll your hair up, leave it still, and let the hair heat for about 15 seconds. The specific time can be controlled by yourself, because everyone has different hair quality.

4. Organize your hair.

In the process of curling, you can lower the electric roll when finishing the hair bundles. The effect is better. Be careful here, otherwise the shape will be damaged. After being rolled up, the left and right sides sometimes become unbalanced. It doesn't matter. It's weird if it's too symmetrical. If the curl in some areas is not obvious, it is because the hair has been layered, so when the hair in other areas is rolled down, a small part is not curled or the curl is not obvious. If you care, you can reroll.

5. Modeling.

After finishing all the curls, reach into your hair and fiddle a little to give it a natural fluffy feel. Use a shimmer to make your hair non-shaggy and to increase shine, or use a wax to strengthen the flu. If you want to last longer, you can spray the styling fog, but the overall shape will be slightly stiffer.

The above is the knowledge about curlers introduced by New Style Hair Straightener Supplier.