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How to Buy a Hair Dryer?


Today, hair dryers are very common in families. They can not only dry the wet hair after bathing, but also help us to blow out the hairstyles we want. They are essential household appliances in modern life. Now there are more and more functions of hair dryers and various styles. Many people start to feel confused when choosing a hair dryer. To choose a suitable hair dryer, there are many factors that need to be considered, such as hair dryer power, temperature, Air nozzle type, body material, etc., how to choose a household hair dryer, which one is better? Let's follow Electric Hair Dryer Supplier to see how to choose a household hair dryer.

1 Hair dryer power selection

The main function of a hair dryer is to dry hair. The greater the power, the faster the hair is dried, and the noise will be greater. The hair dryer used in general households or dormitories can choose a power of about 1200W. If you want to do some styling for your hair, you can choose one with a power of 1500W or more, and of course also consider the line's ability to withstand it. Too low a hair dryer takes time, and it is easy to dry hair. So if you need to dry your hair quickly, you can choose High Power Hair Dryer.


High Power Hair Dryer

2.Electric Hair Dryer temperature range

The temperature of the hair dryer is designed with natural wind, warm air and hot air. The temperature of the warm air is about 50°C, while the hot air is set above 70°C. Professional hair dryers are also equipped with a cold air button. Cold air can be used to fix already blown shapes. Regardless of the gear position, it is best to keep it constant temperature to avoid overheating and protect hair.

3.Air nozzle type selection

In daily use, the hair dryer can be used without an external mouthpiece. If you need to fix the hairstyle, you can use an external mouthpiece. There are two main types of mouthpieces, collecting mouthpieces and scattered mouthpieces. The air collecting nozzle can concentrate the air flow. When blowing straight hair and processing some details, it can be used with the air collecting nozzle; the diffuse air nozzle is diffused to make the air flow uniform, and it can be used with the air diffuser when blowing curly hair. It can keep the original curl of the hair, more fluffy.

4. Body material selection

There are two main types of hair dryer body materials, one is metal and the other is plastic. Metal hair dryers are rugged and can withstand higher temperatures. However, it will be heavy, with poor insulation performance and higher price. Plastic hair dryers are light in weight, have good insulation performance, are easy to clean, but are easy to age, and have poor high temperature resistance.

5. Voltage identification and quality

Pay attention to the rated voltage value of the hair dryer indicated on the product nameplate or instruction manual when purchasing. Domestic standard 220 volts. Check if the imported hair dryer is suitable for domestic use. Pay extra attention. In detail, it should be seen that the hair dryer should be free of abnormal sounds and odors, and the noise should be low; when running at full speed, there should be no obvious vibration in the hand; there should be overheating protection devices.

The above is how to choose a hair dryer, I hope to help everyone.