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How to Curly Hair Less Hurt?


Almost every woman who loves beauty has tossed her hair over and over again, straightened, permed, and dyed it, and will not come back again in a few months.

After finishing the hair styling, you will feel that the hair gloss is very good, and it is very smooth. I definitely think that the new product recommendation effect of the hairdresser is not bad! The good times are not long. The hair damaged by the styling potions is prone to frizz, dryness, split ends, dullness, and even hair loss and broken hair. The hair styling can not be maintained, and there is no "type". It's not about the relationship between fish and bear paws to want a soft, beautiful and sporty look without hurting your hair and keeping your scalp and hair healthy. With good hair care, you can make satisfactory hair styling at home. Let's see what the Electric Hair Dryer Supplier says.

First of all, you need to apply essential oils to the hair care and then dry it to reduce the damage to the hair. After the hair dryer is used to heat the hair, the hair style can be changed. However, frequent use of a hair dryer for hair styling will make the hair dry. Note that after washing the hair, first apply hair conditioner oil and then blow the hair, this will minimize the damage to the hair by the hair dryer.

New professional Hair Curler
New professional Hair Curler

The Hair Crimpers on the market are mostly made of sponge. Although it hardly hurts the hair quality, do not sleep with curling irons often. In fact, the sleep curler is a disposable hair curling tool, and the curling can not be maintained for a long time, and people with hard hair will not use this tool to curl the hair. Secondly, sleeping with a curling iron has a certain effect on the quality of sleep-affecting blood circulation in the head, and it can also cause head discomfort over time. If it is not a special case, we still do not often use this method.

Using a Household Hair Dryer for styling is relatively simple, but can not maintain the curl and styling for a long time, so many people who love beauty will use curling irons for styling. This method can make the hairstyle last longer, but it is easy to damage the hair if used improperly. Observe the following six points to minimize hair damage while enjoying beauty.

Control the temperature of the curling iron, choose curling irons with different materials according to the quality of the hair, use heat-resistant curling products, and style after an hour after shampooing.