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Why Should You Abandon The Habit Of Using Plastic Straws?


Using straws will create garbage and they will quickly enter the marine food chain-but this can be avoided.

The worst thing about plastic straws is that most of the time, they can be left unselected.

Like most disposable plastic products, plastic straws are used in take-away bags, beverage cups, iced tea and water. If you pick up plastic on the beach, you will find that plastic straws are one of the most common plastic trash. They are everywhere. Once they enter the marine ecosystem, plastic straws are mistaken for food and eaten by fish and birds. Straws are used to suck foam drinks in small sips. They can only be used once, and then they are immediately treated like garbage.

Summer is the best time to take action on plastic straws because summer is the peak period for using straws. A unique organization hopes to avoid waste of straws by encouraging people to take some simple measures.


Reusable drinking straws

"Simply ask for 'zero straws' in bars and restaurants, and share your commitment with others. Encourage your favourite restaurant or bar to provide straws only at the customer's request and use degradable or repeatable plastic straw The options to use. Our most basic requirement is 'as little as possible': less consumption, less waste, fewer straws. This is a win-win initiative. "

Bars and restaurants can also take proactive steps. No plastic straw recommendation:

① Straws are only provided when requested by the customer

②Providing degradable and reusable straws

③ Get rid of the straw completely

If you find that you can't live without straws at home, or if you want to provide straws in your own business activities, here are two good ways. First, the best way is to try a reusable straw that can be washed with the dishes. This straw is made of stainless steel or glass (I have tried both, metal straws have the longest life. But glass straws are more suitable for cocktails and more resistant than you think.) You can choose from These stainless steel straws can be found on Williams Sonoma, Bed, Bath, Beyond and online.

Another option is a paper straw, which is disposable and sometimes the straw is decorated with delicate colours and patterns (this is my favourite). You can even find that paper straws are made from recycled environmentally friendly paper.

There are so many alternative methods here, and there is no reason to contaminate plastic straws. For environmental problems, the solution may not be so simple, but these are all things we can do. You can also buy our company's Bamboo Straw,Biodegradable Straws, the Reusable Straw, etc, which are easy to use and environmentally friendly.

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