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How To Blow Curly Hair With A Hair Dryer?


How to blow curly hair with Cord Electric Hair Dryer? Let's follow the High Power Hair Dryer Manufacturer.

1. Wash your hair first, and then wipe it to a semi-dry state. When wiping your head, pay attention to the technique and strength. Do not use too much force. Too much force will cause serious hair damage.

2. Then take out the Ionic Blow Dryer, adjust the hair dryer to a suitable gear, and fix a quarter of the amount on the upper hair. Don't grab too much hair, otherwise it will affect the shaping.

Blow Dryer
Blow Dryer

3. The lower hair can be blown from the root of the hair first along the hair, and there is not much skill. You can blow it while blowing it with your hand, and blow it down the hair, which will make the hair softer and then reach the end of the hair. You can wind it up by hand, and then blow it with a hair dryer. When the hair is dry, you will find that the hair has a certain curvature, and the overall shape will be more stylish.

4. The hair on both sides of the ear must pay attention to a certain method, you can wind it outward, and blow it in the direction of the hair while winding, so that you will have a certain fluffy feeling.

5. Finally, you can blow on the root of the hair to avoid the hair being too soft, causing the hair root to stick to the scalp and affecting the overall appearance of the hairstyle.

6. Note that when blowing the upper layer of hair, use a small wind position of the hair dryer. The small wind will not cause the hair to become frizzy. When blowing, try to raise the angle of the hair as much as possible, so as to make the lower layer more compliant and the upper layer more layered.