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How To Clean Stainless Steel Straws?


Let's take a look at how to clean Stainless Steel Straws with the Stainless Steel Straws Supplier?

1. Straw brush

Some stainless steel straw cups are equipped with straw brushes when they are purchased. Parents can directly use the straw brush to clean the straw. If the straw cup does not have its own straw brush, there are also straw brushes sold in general maternity and infant stores, and parents can buy them by themselves.

2. Clean the straw with wool

Use a slightly larger hairpin, and choose a piece of wool with the same thickness as the straw. Use a hairpin to pass the wool in from one end, pull it out from the other, and then pull the wool back and forth a few times. The inner wall of the straw will become translucent, just like the new one.

Reusable Food Grade 304 Straws
Reusable Food Grade 304 Straws

3. Clean the straw with salt

It is not easy to rinse clean with detergents and other detergents, and it is not recommended to use cleaning straws. You can pour a small amount of salt into the straw, then pinch the straw with your fingers and turn it a few times. Once you rinse with water, the dirt will flow away with the salt.

If you want to clean the straws easier, it is best to clean the baby's straw cup once a day to avoid the accumulation of dirt. Over time, not only is it harmful to the baby's health, but the cleaning also becomes complicated. In addition to the straw, the small parts of the straw cup should also be removed and cleaned, so as to avoid some dead spots that are not cleaned.

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