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10 Tips For Using Hair Crimpers That Nobody Told You


The importance of Hair Crimpers size

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different sizes of Hair Crimpers? You may think that one size can do everything, but it is not. Different size curlers will affect the final appearance of your hair. The smaller the size, the tighter the curls, and vice versa.

Convenient tips

If you want to go out quickly, there is a convenient way to make your hair wavy quickly. You only need to tie your hair into a high ponytail, and then curl all the ponytails directly without having to curl each strand of hair separately. After ironing, spread the hair, shake it, and the curls are perfectly formed.

Little by little

Another way to ensure that your curls stay perfect throughout the day is to curl only a small strand of hair at a time. They may look undesirable on their own but they look very beautiful overall. The strength of each strand of hair can keep your curls in perfect shape all day long!

Preparation before curling

You must be prepared before you do anything, and curly hair is no exception. The appearance of your final curly hair directly depends on your previous hairstyle. If you want a lot of curls, dry your hair with a hair dryer first. If you want shiny curls, straighten your hair temporarily. Finally, if you want big, fluffy curls, let your hair dry completely before curling.

Let your hair be more natural

Do your curls sometimes look too far-fetched and unnatural? Maybe it;s because you used the wrong technique. In order to make your hair curls look more natural, casual and grounded, you can directly curl the hair next to your cheeks. The difference will be very significant.

Know the temperature that suits you

If you waited for many months before your long hair was burnt by the curling iron, it would be bad just thinking about it. Therefore, it is particularly important to understand the strength and heat resistance of your hair. If you have thin, fragile dyed hair, 200 °F (or 93 °C) is the highest temperature your hair can withstand. For other hair types, please also remember that the temperature should not exceed 400 °F (200 °C) . Of course, if you don’t know these precautions, you can seek help from the Hair Crimpers Supplier.

Hair Crimpers
Hair Crimpers

Do your homework before buying

How to choose a suitable curling iron is always very important, so you must do some ;homework; before you make a decision. First of all, there are three types of curling irons: ceramic, tourmaline and titanium alloy. The ceramic curling irons have the least damage to the hair because of the even heat distribution. Tourmaline curling iron ion curling iron can make your hair smoother and more shiny. The advantage of the titanium alloy curling iron is that the hair will not be caught.

How to make curls last

When the shape of the hair curls cannot be maintained throughout the day, you may worry that this is caused by your hair health problems. Don;t be afraid, this is not a problem of your hair quality, but a problem of how you maintain it. Next time, start the curling from the root of the hair instead of going down from the middle. In this way, the heat of the curling iron can cover more area and increase the strength of the entire curl. Then you can shine all day long.

Choosing the right direction is important

Another way to control the appearance of your curly hair is to use horizontal or vertical curling. If you use a curling iron to curl your hair vertically, it will eventually become a big fluffy wave. If you curl horizontally, the curls will be tighter and more elastic.

Do not curl your hair when it is still wet

Before curling, make sure that the hair is completely dry. Perm or even half-dry hair can damage your hair roots and cause split ends. It will also make your hair unkempt, like a mental illness.

The above are some curling tips. Of course, you can also go to the barbershop for Professional Hair Curler. I hope everyone can learn to be beautiful.