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You May Not Know The Wrong Way to Use The Model Electric Rod


Hair straighteners and electric curling rods are not only good friends of naturally curled girls, but also allow us to freely change the curl of hair and make the overall shape more divided. However, are you sure you have been using it correctly? Come and talk to Hair Crimpers Supplier to see the following 6 wrong ways to use styling electric rods that you may not know about. You can start to correct them today.

Open directly to the highest temperature

Think about it, have you ever rushed to go out in the morning by turning the electric stick to the highest temperature? The highest temperature of the electric rod is about 235 degrees Celsius, but in fact, the real temperature required to make a styling Curling Iron is only 150 degrees or less. Turning to the highest temperature not only consumes power, but also damages the hair quality than normal use.

Power on the power stick without first conditioning

Although strictly speaking, as long as the hair is heated, it will damage the hair quality, but if you can use hair oil to strengthen the dry areas of the hair before straightening the hair or applying the electric roller, in addition to better styling, the hair will also be better. It is not easy to damage too seriously.

Curling Iron
Curling Iron

Did not dry the hair

Have you ever had the experience of seeing steam coming out when modeling with electric rods? If you see steam, stop immediately and check to see if your hair is not dry. Because damp hair directly touches the high-heat styling electric rod, it will not only make the styling failure easier, but also damage the hair quality.

Not divided into pinches

This little trick should be known to veterans, but beginners may often overlook it. Don't just clip a bunch of hair together just because you are in a hurry. On the contrary, you can't do any styling. If you divide your hair into small groups, the effect will be more visible.

You never clean hair straighteners or curlers

Have you cleaned your ion clip, Hair Straightener, or styling electric roller? They may be stained with all kinds of grease and styling residues, and they are simply the best breeding ground for bacteria. You can use it when it is completely cooled, wipe it with alcohol and wash it with warm water. Use cotton swabs to clean the gaps that are difficult to clean.

Too often used

I would like to advise everyone here. Electric curling irons or hair straighteners can indeed help you styling your hair, but at the same time it will damage your hair quality. Just use it as an occasional styling tool. Don't over-depend on it every day. Use, even twice a day! If you are not a professional need, it is recommended to take good care of your hair.