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Do You Know About Hair Clippers


How to use hair clipper

The length of the Hair Clipper can be adjusted by itself. For example, men's sideburns can be adjusted to 0.8mm and cut to be parallel to the ears; further upwards can be increased to 1.2mm, starting from the ear contour and pushing back to the neck; then the hair clipper Adjust it to 2.5mm, starting from the border to the root of the neck; add a 3mm long comb, haircut with right hand and left hand for fine trimming; comb the top of the head with 6mm fixed length, hollow out and thin it from front to back; finally push the back neatly.

How to choose a hair clipper

Waterproof, noise, easy cleaning, battery life, ease of use, weight, feel, and price of hair clippers all need to be considered. Different needs should also consider different performances. Baby-only hair clippers are safer than adults and more suitable for children. If you need to tidy up your pet's hair, you should use a Special Hair Clipper to avoid accidents and cross-infection with bacteria.

Special Hair Clipper
Special Hair Clipper

Notes on own haircut

1. Before using the hair clipper, you need to check the integrity of the blade. If the blade is damaged, it may cut the skin.

2. If you use the electric hair clipper for too long, the main body and the blade may become hot. At this time, it is recommended that you turn off the machine for 5-10 minutes before continuing to use it to avoid burns or accidents.

3. Remember to disconnect the power after each use.

4. Dry hair trimming is easier than wet hair

5. Do not put the power supply part of the hair clipper into water, otherwise it is easy to cause circuit failure.

6. Do not repair or modify by yourself after a failure.

7. When trimming the sideburns, ears and other parts, do not use too much force and do not get too close to the skin.

8. Do not use it to repair other animal hair to avoid damage.

9. Remember to clean the hair on the electric hair clipper in time after disconnecting the power.

Do you want to wash your hair before getting a haircut

It is best to wash your hair before getting a haircut. Because the hair after washing is relatively soft, it is easier to care and style when cutting, and the softened hair is easier to be cut off, and it will not be shaved because it is too hard, so it is best to wash your hair before cutting your own hair. .

If necessary, please contact a Professional Hair Clipper Supplier