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Use of Hair Straightener


For many girls, Hair Straighteners are essential items. Although the hair straightener is called a hair straightener, it can make a variety of hairstyles, straight hair becomes curly hair, curly hair becomes straight hair, or an air bang is hot. But some people don't know how to use the hair straightener. Do you know how to use it correctly? Today, New Style Hair Straightener Supplier will share with you the correct use of hair straighteners. Straighteners work better for freshly washed hair and make hair styles easier. Before curling your hair, you can wash your hair, blow your hair to nine minutes to dry, and then use a curler to style your hair.

First, steps for using straight hair stick

1. Wash your hair first and blow dry with High Quality Hair Dryer.

2. Plug in the power supply and warm up the hair stick.

3. Prepare some small clips first, and then clip the hair with a clip to make the hair a lesser one and make it easier to curl up. Then turn on the hair straightener switch, let it heat up for a while, and then pull the hair. If you want to straighten your hair, just pull it straight down. When you clip it, don't make the temperature too high, or blow it slightly against the hair. Start by clipping the hair on the inside, and then lower the outer hair layer by layer, so that the hair can be styled. After all the hair is clipped, use theProfessional Hair Straightener to finish the hair, so that the hair looks more supple, you can use a styling spray or elastin to style the hair to make it slightly fixed. Otherwise, if the hair just curled up with a hair straightener, it will soon dissipate and return to its original state.

4. After processing, unplug the power.

Hair Straighteners
Hair Straighteners

Second, practical tips

1. When pulling, pull slowly, and let the hair emit smoke, this effect is better.

2. If you can adjust the temperature, choose about 100 degrees, this temperature is more suitable, otherwise the temperature is too high and it is easy to burn your hair.

3. Don't pinch too much hair while pinching, otherwise the effect will not be good.

4. After washing the hair, wait until the hair is sufficiently dry before using the straight stick.

Third, clean the hair straightener in time

After using the Professional Hair Straightener, remember to clean it. After the whole work of the straight hair stick is finished, some impurities on the hair and some sprays containing chemical ingredients will be stained on the top, so we must do the cleaning work regularly.

Fourth, effective protection of hair

Many people adjust the temperature of the hair straightener to a low level in order to reduce the damage to the hair. I wonder if it will damage the hair more. Because low-end can't make the hairstyle at one time, it needs to go back and forth several times to make the effect.

Well, after reading our introduction above, have you learned to use a hair straightener? The use of hair straighteners is relatively easy. Most hair straighteners are used in much the same way, almost the same. Only by properly manipulating the hair straightener in your hand can our style be more beautiful.If necessary, please contact the Hair Straightener Manufacturer