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Teach You How to Use a Hair Dryer to Make Your Hair Soft!


Winter is the season for long hair fluttering, but if the hair is frizzy and turns up at every turn, then the image will be greatly reduced. In fact, if you want to solve the frizz problem, a small Hair Dryer is enough~ Next we Let's take a look at how to use a hair dryer to make your hair soft.

1. The front bangs are pulled up and blown, the hair roots are pulled back and up, and the hair dryer blows against the hair roots.

2. Blow forward from the inside of the back of the head, pull up the top of the back of the head, and blow from the back to the front with a Professional Hair Dryer.

3. Blow dry the inside of the drawn silk, pull your fingers outwards, and head slightly sideways.

Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

4. Blow from top to bottom on the outside, pull down the hair gently, and blow dry with Ion Hair Dryer from top to bottom.

5. After blowing the hair, apply the rinse-free conditioner.

6. Divide the hair into two bundles. If the hair volume is particularly large, divide it into four bundles.

7. Twist the left and right hairs to the inside and blow dry.

8. You can keep your hair supple through the above three-stage blow-drying