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How To Easily Style Curly Hair With a Straightener In a Short Time


First, you need a Professional Hair Straightenerfor curling and straightening, and then how to skillfully create the ideal curling hair style you desire.

Styling skills

1 Take out the hair straightener, straighten the hair on the top of the head, evenly divide it, and place it on your shoulders.

2 After the hair is straightened, use a Hair Straightenerto make an inwardly curved C-curl on both sides of the hair.

3 After styling, the middle part is curled and straightened, and the spray is taken out and sprayed, so that it can moisturize and shape and sunscreen.

Professional Hair Straightener
Professional Hair Straightener

Slightly curly long hair with thick strands

1. Add curls from one side, remove the hair straightener from the cheekbones, and curl your hair with a proper amount of hair.

2. Use an Electric Hair Straightener to add arcs to the bangs to make the hairstyle more natural and beautiful.

3. Appropriate spraying of plumping cream will give the hair a natural gloss.

Twisted waves

1. Divide the hair into bundles of fine hair, and then use a hair straightener to curl the hair into bundles. The hair curling circle is about 5 times.

2. Apply plump cream on both hands, and grab the waves in the palm of your hand.

3. The styling wavy and curly hair, rich layering, romantic and elegant mature woman image.