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How to Use Curling Iron?


Many girls neglect their own hair styles because of the cold winter. Many girls have long straight hair. Although they look good, are they tired of combing? Then as long as you have a Curling Iron in your hand, you can do it right away. Created beautiful curls.

Step 1: After power on, the red light starts to flicker, select the temperature according to the hair quality, and the red light will stay on when the predetermined temperature is reached. |(190°C) is suitable for soft and dyed hair, ||(210°C) is suitable for normal hair, |||(230°C) is suitable for thick and curly hair.

Step 2: Set the time and choose the curly hair effect. 0 is a custom type, there is no beep, and only reminds when the hair is curled in and heated for 15 seconds. 8 means 8 seconds, natural wave/loose type, 3 beeps, and 4 times at the end to indicate completion. 10 means 10 seconds, soft curly hair/moderate type, 4 beeps, and 4 times in a row to indicate completion. 12 means 12 seconds, stylish and charming/close type, 5 beeps, and 4 times in succession to indicate completion.

Curling Iron
Curling Iron

Step 3: Set the curl direction. R: When curling the hair on the right side of the face, put it to the R position and curl it in; when curling the hair on the left, put it to the R position and curl it out. L: When curling the hair on the left side of the face, put it in the L position and curl it inside; when curling the hair on the right, put it in the L position and curl it outside. A: Automatic transmission, alternating left-handed and right-handed, the most natural rolling method.

Step 4: Very important! Make sure that the opening of the roll is facing the hair.

Step 5: Choose hair with a width of 1-3 cm and carefully insert the curling iron. Over 3 cm, the Automatic Hair Curler will sound a warning sound and automatically stop working.

Step 6: Fix the curling iron at the starting position where you want to curl your hair, make sure that the hair passes through the drum neatly and straight, then close the handle, the automatic curling iron will automatically start to work, giving your hair a perfect and long-lasting finish Curly shape.

Step 7: When you hear "didididi" four consecutive rapid beeps, let go of the handle to let the curly hair fall naturally and gently, and remove the curling iron. Do you see your beautiful curly hair? It's that simple. Note: If you do not release the handle and drag the curling iron directly, the curls will return to straight hair.

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