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Things to Decorate Your Empty Room Wall

Time:2022-07-01| Author:Admin

What to do with that big, empty wall in your house? There are almost endless ways to decorate your whiteboard, and the best choice depends on the room, how much space you need to fill, whether the wall has windows, how much effort you want to put into it, and, of course, your personal taste.

A few wall decorating ideas can help inspire you. Read on for tips, inspiration and guidance from Front Runner.


Built-in bookshelves are perfect for decorating an otherwise empty living room wall. For a sophisticated, cohesive aesthetic, consider placing books in monochromatic or neutral colors only on the shelves.

One trick is to remove the covers, as most books are white, black or off-white underneath. You can also place the pages facing outward instead of the spine to include more white.


Large Wall Art

If your living room has high ceilings, you should definitely consider hanging a large wall decor piece. The most important thing to remember when browsing oversized art is that it is painted to scale, which means it fits the size of your walls.

An oversized painting or photograph will draw attention and set the tone in a small space. Try a black and white photo in a minimalist space or add color with a vibrant abstract piece that

Wall Hooks

Providing interest and functionality, wall hooks are ideal for decorating entryways and hallways. Single nail or multiple hook pieces can provide an elegant effect. More elegant and subdued than stainless steel hooks, wood hooks add color to white walls. You can purchase multiple hooks and arrange and combine them to create interesting shapes.

FR-WH1021 (7).jpg


A great rug can add texture, warmth and a pop of color to any room. But it's time to forget about the floor for a while and nail it to the wall. Letting go of the floor and hanging your favorite textiles on the wall will give any space a sense of design. Whether placed behind the couch in the living room or used as a makeshift headboard in the bedroom, this wall filler will add style and some quirk to any home.

Small Mirror

In addition to its ability to instantly make a room bigger and brighter, a wall-mirror is the perfect way to add design-friendly details to an empty wall. Instead of hanging it up, consider a tilt option that can be placed in any room in your home. From the bathroom to the bland hallway, this addition is sure to add to the beauty of your home.

Printed photos

While there's nothing wrong with displaying your favorite photos on a frame or refrigerator, displaying them in a clever way will add the perfect personal touch to your interior decor. Whether you simply spell out your initials or shape your image into a fashion symbol, you'll find that this project makes a huge impact with just a little effort.


A round wooden wall clock will unconsciously draw the eye. We always have to have a time display in our living room, right? After all, not everyone has their phone and watch with them at all times. You can make the walls a little more colorful by hanging some cute illustrations or picture frames next to the clock.

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