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Why Should I Buy Puzzles for My Children?

Time:2022-09-26| Author:Admin

Playing with puzzles has many benefits for your child and the earlier you start, the better it is for all your child's abilities. If you want to take your child to play with puzzles, it is recommended to choose the right puzzle for your child at the beginning.


Improves your child's ability to concentrate


Puzzles are called "concentration training tools" because they are a sport that requires the utmost silence. It requires the child's eyes, brain, and hands to work together at the same time, and the process must not be distracted, as a distraction will lead to mistakes, and the whole thing needs to be overturned and put together again. And, as the number of pieces of the puzzle increases, the difficulty also escalates, which requires superb concentration to complete. When the child's concentration is improved, the child will go to school later parents will save a lot of worry, for example, high learning efficiency, excellent grades, do not procrastinate homework ......


Improve your child's imagination and memory


Puzzles are also known as "smart toys" because they can greatly stimulate children's creativity and imagination. Because, playing with puzzles to observe the layout at all times, children also need to constantly build "imaginary" patterns in their minds, when the number of puzzles is increasing, the more children need to remember.


Improves children's logical thinking skills


The puzzle process requires children to think in terms of "whole" and "partial", with a small piece of the puzzle being the "partial" and the whole pattern being the "whole The whole pattern is the "whole". In the process of putting the puzzle together, the child needs to have a "whole" image in mind first, and then use a small "partial" piece to assemble. This is very exercise the child's logical thinking, only the mind with "what to put together first, then what to put together" thinking ability, in order to complete the whole pattern.


Improves coordination


Puzzles stimulate reasoning and improve hand-eye coordination.


Promote emotion


In addition to completing the puzzle independently, you can also put it together with your family or friends, which not only increases communication, but also enhances your relationship.


YiLong will soon release a variety of wooden puzzles, please stay tuned and feel free to contact us for the latest information!