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Useful Tips for Buying Cigar Humidor Boxes

Time:2022-07-15| Author:Admin

We recommend using a storage box to keep your cigars fresh so you can enjoy their exquisite flavor longer. In addition to size, materials used and craftsmanship, humidification plays a central role in determining the quality and price of a cigar humidor box.

Cigar Box Size

The size depends mainly on how often and how many cigars you smoke. You should make space according to your smoking habits. Whether you need a large cigar box depends on how often you buy cigars and how long you want to store them. In addition, if you prefer to buy your cigars in wooden boxes rather than individually, you should have a large enough humidor on hand to store them in. The flavors of the various cigars and their strengths are also important when deciding on the size of the humidor. 

If you prefer to purchase a humidor, buy the one that best fits the size of your preferred cigar brand box - too big is better than too small. If you want to pamper yourself or your guests with a variety of cigars, be sure to store the various cigars separately.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Cigar boxes can be made from a variety of woods such as mahogany, oak, maple or cherry. The most popular wood, however, is Spanish cedar. It has the advantage that this wood is close to odorless. In addition, it is ideal for regulating humidity and repels tobacco beetles. YILONG cigar boxes are made of MDF and Spanish cedar to provide you with the highest quality.

It is not enough to choose the most suitable wood. Cigar boxes must be carefully crafted and properly sealed to perform their most important function: maintaining a consistent level of humidity. The lid can be easily tested by letting it hang down slightly. If the lid closes slowly and makes a faint hissing sound as it expels air, this is a good indication that it is sealed.

Humidification System

Controlling humidity (between 65% and 75%) and temperature are the main functions of the humidor. There are three types of humidification systems: sponge humidification, acrylate polymer crystal humidification and electric humidification.

Sponges are a traditional method of humidifying cigar boxes. The system is affordable and easy to use, however, sponge systems must be inspected and cleaned frequently and are prone to excessive moisture, mold and bacteria growth.

Acrylic polymer crystal humidifiers are affordable, easy to maintain, and provide relatively constant humidity; however, the crystals must be replaced at least once every two years.

Fully automatic electronic humidification systems are mainly used for larger cigar boxes. Its built-in hygrometer continuously measures humidity and activates the system when needed. The risk of mold and bacteria growth is low and the humidity level is maintained at a constant level.

Preparation and maintenance

Before using the humidor for the first time, clean the interior and the wooden inlay with a cloth moistened with distilled water. Then, place a bowl with distilled water inside the humidor and close the lid. Once the humidor has reached the desired baseline humidity, you are ready to start storing your cigars. Once a week, you should ventilate the humidor for an hour or so. Make sure you check the temperature and humidity of your cigars regularly. Cigars that are flexible and smooth indicate ideal storage conditions.

These humidors must be installed in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight as it can affect the temperature and humidity and negatively affect the quality of the cigars. If you are looking for a customized cigar box, please contact us. YILONG cigar boxes are equipped with thermometers and humidifiers that allow you to keep track of the environment inside the box in real time, we have the perfect solution for you.