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5 Tips on How to Choose A Jewelry Box

Time:2022-08-01| Author:Admin

While we totally agree with wearing your fine jewelry as much as possible, sometimes you shouldn't wear it at all, such as in pool chlorine - which can cause damage - or in very cold weather - which can cause your fingers to shrink and make your ring more slip off easily. Even when you engage in strenuous activity that causes you to sweat, this can damage jewelry, especially sterling silver.

In the meantime, it is best to remove your jewelry and store it in a safe place. Hopefully, you have a jewelry box for this purpose. With that in mind, here are 5 tips on how to choose a jewelry box.

For whom

First of all, who are you going to give this jewelry box to? For yourself? A child? An adult? A family member, or a special friend?

Stackable jewelry boxes are ideal for people who have a lot of jewelry and need practical storage. As the name suggests, stackable jewelry boxes consist of trays that can be stacked on top of each other. Each tray may have a different layout, so there are many options for storing your different jewelry. As gifts, mirrored jewelry boxes are just as lovely as spinner jewelry boxes, and they also come in a variety of compartments and trays.

blue jewelry box


Next, consider the shape of the jewelry box. The most common shapes for single-piece jewelry boxes are oval, rectangular, round or square boxes, but there are many other options to choose from, such as diamond, heart or seashell shapes. Note, however, that a standard shape is more spacious than a more unique shape.


We are no longer limited to velvet or satin lined boxes. Silk and cotton are also acceptable and popular. The most important thing here is that the lining should be soft and lint-free to avoid possible wear and tear on your jewelry.

For the box itself, wood is a good choice. It is durable, protects your jewelry and helps stop moisture buildup that can damage your jewelry after prolonged exposure. These make great gifts, they are very chic and attractive, and they are perfect for storing jewelry for long periods of time.


Is this a single piece of jewelry or are you putting several pieces together? If you have a lot of jewelry and store them together, you will need a larger box with lots of compartments and a place for your necklaces. Or, maybe you only have a lot of rings - then you will want a jewelry box with lots of slots in which each ring can fit. Maybe you have a lot of small things, like earrings or bracelets. In that case, choose a box with lots of compartments to make storing your jewelry easier. Necklace more of your stuff? Make sure you have a jewelry box that is designed to stand upright and has enough space to hang your necklaces.

green jewelry box


Do you want to lock your jewelry box? Some people prefer to use a lock as an extra precaution in case a young, curious child might think your jewelry would make a good dress-up accessory. Locks are also great if you plan to keep your jewelry in a jewelry box while you travel.

To summarize

Jewelry boxes come in many different shapes, styles and varieties, and whether you already own a lot of jewelry or just a few pieces and want to add to your collection with a new piece you admire or some custom jewelry, finding the right jewelry box is one of the joys of owning jewelry and an important aspect of care and preservation.

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