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How to Store Your Jewelry

Time:2022-08-10| Author:Admin

Storing your jewelry in the wrong way can lead to damage. This is especially true when you use the wrong type of box, or if you have a variety of jewelry types. With wooden boxes, you don't have to worry about such things. No matter how long you keep it, a wooden jewelry box will keep your jewelry safe.


When storing fine jewelry, there are a few key criteria to consider. It needs to be kept somewhere.


Safe and secure, that you can access easily, and that it is cool and dry. Exposure to heat and humidity can damage precious metals and stones. Many people find that the right location in their bedroom meets these criteria. Inside a drawer, on a dresser, or even on a dedicated wall are possible solutions.


How to organize your jewelry

Proper jewelry storage actually depends on the space you have to use. The following are some popular ways of storing jewelry.


In a shallow drawer

You can use special organizers to separate them, or you can simply use multiple containers to separate the different sections.


In Jewelry Boxes

There are many options for jewelry boxes, and YILONG's wooden jewelry boxes are custom-made to hold fine jewelry. They often have soft linings and compartments made for various items.


On the vanity

If you don't want to hide your collection away, you can create a display on a dresser or shelf. You can purchase special jewelry display items, or simply use items you have in your home.


Hang on the wall

If you have a tight room but some wall space, there are multiple options for storing your jewelry vertically. For example, rods, hooks and fabric memo boards can provide jewelry storage solutions.


Benefits of using wooden boxes

A Unique Approach

One of the main benefits of having a wooden jewelry box is the assurance of having something unique made for you. Unlike the mechanical process of mass production, each wooden box is handmade, ensuring that no two wooden jewelry boxes are the same. As a result, your beloved jewelry will be stored in a unique package designed just for you.


Natural and chemical-free

Most plastic jewelry boxes on the market are made with chemicals, some of which are more harmful than good, and damage your jewelry. Wooden jewelry boxes are made of pure wood and do not contain any of these harmful chemicals. With a wooden jewelry box, the shine and consistency of your jewelry will remain in top condition. As a result, you can enjoy using your jewelry for a longer period of time.



One of the main reasons for choosing a wooden jewelry box is that it is virtually guaranteed not to attract unwanted attention. This makes it one of the safest places to store your priceless jewelry. With its sleek but seemingly basic appearance, it helps you protect your jewelry even when it is out of sight. For security purposes, these boxes feature a locking mechanism.


Protects the environment

Each wooden jewelry box is made from scratch. They are made from completely green and natural sources. By having these special jewelry boxes, synthetic or otherwise, that are harmful to the environment, you are playing your part in keeping the environment clean. At the same time, you are encouraging artisans and keeping them in business.


Storing jewelry in plastic bags is usually not a good idea. Plastic can trap moisture, which can damage some metals and stones. Storing jewelry in a drawer is a good idea, as long as it is located in a cool, dry place. With some planning and organization, you can keep your fine jewelry in good condition indefinitely.


If you have any questions about how to care for your fine jewelry, please contact us today.