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Interesting Uses of Floor Mirrors and Dressing Mirrors

Time:2022-05-05| Author:Admin

A common type of mirror is the floor mirror, which is usually full length or large enough that you can see yourself from head to toe. It comes in different styles, shapes and sizes, but in general, floor mirrors fall into three categories: knight, traditional and tilt.

Cheval floor mirror

The Cheval floor mirror comes with a double pin suspension in the frame, so it can be easily adjusted or tilted at various angles. Rider style floor mirrors are perfect for walk-in closets. No matter what your height is, just tilt the mirror accordingly and you'll have a clear view of your appearance. The mirror will adjust for you.

Traditional Floor Mirror

Traditional floor mirrors provide a head-to-toe view. These can be freestanding or mounted on the wall. These are usually placed vertically, but can equally be placed horizontally to give the illusion of a wider space, ideal for narrow entrances/passageways.

FR-AF1089 (17).jpg

Vertical Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors, as the name implies, are leaning against the wall with only the top touching the wall and the bottom resting on the floor. These often come with elegant or intricate frames and are used as decoration for bedrooms, entryways, living rooms and other areas.

In many large houses, you will find a vertical floor mirror located on the side of the room or next to the front door. This can be used as both home decor and to illuminate a space.


When it comes to frame materials, most floor mirrors have wooden frames, while others come in gold or silver and have an antique look and feel that can be the focal point of a room. Prices vary depending on the material and design used.

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The size of the frame is another thing to consider. Make sure it is balanced with the size of the area or space. For example, large areas require large floor-to-ceiling mirrors with sturdy frames to be an effective design element. If the design of the room is simple enough, then a mirror with a lighted frame will suffice.


The placement of the floor mirror should also be checked. Generally speaking, it should be freestanding. You can place it in an area with less "traffic". Floor mirrors are often designed to be the focal point of a room, so it is best not to surround them with other home decor or furniture.

Dressing mirrors can be purchased at YILONG. They make great decorative pieces and are easy to handle, as many types do not require any installation. You can also seek the advice of our interior design experts.